1st American Commercial Lending was founded out of a need to provide start-up to middle market business owners with the sophistication and high level expertise and experience to navigate through the lending process and provide the customer with the “BEST” financing options available.  We ask you about your personal and business goals and match the best financing options for you.  We provide a comprehensive menu of commercial financing options that range from commercial real estate, tenant improvements (TI’s), construction or bridge loans, equipment, and working capital.  Regardless of credit, size or structure We are Your One-Stop-Shop for ALL of your commercial financing needs. 

What makes 1st American Commercial Lending different? 

  1. TIME:  We work with you to obtain and formulate the correct financial information, help you write the story to obtain the best financing solutions available.  We know the parameters of each lender so that you can be successful from the start.  We have direct relationships at the executive and underwriting levels (the decision makers) that save you time and money.  We run point on your request so that if anything happens, we can move swiftly to option B if needed and you are not starting over.
  2. PREFERRED PRICING: Because of our partnerships with over 47 banking and lending institutions nationwide we receive “Preferred Pricing”.  Meaning we can get you the “BEST” rates, terms, and get the highest LTV available. 
  3. OPTIONS:  We offer all types of commercial financing options including Commercial Real Estate, LOC, TI’s, Equipment, and Vehicles. regardless of credit, size, or structure. 
  4. EXPERIENCE and VALUE:  It’s not just what we know, its who we know that delivers overall value to our customers.

We would be happy to meet with you or call to discuss “Options” and how we can “Best” help you with your financing needs.