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Accounts Receivable Financing

Accounts Receivable Financing Options

Have you missed a time-sensitive business prospect or special vendor discount because of your outstanding customer invoices? It can be frustrating to watch opportunities come and go because you do not have enough capital to take advantage when they occur. If you are tired of getting stuck in a holding pattern while you wait for your customers to pay you, Accounts Receivable financing may be exactly what you need.

No New Debt

Unlike most business financing options that require you to take on extra debt, A/R financing merely allows you the ability to sell off an asset—your unpaid receivables. In exchange for a competitive discount, 1st American Commercial Lending will purchase your unpaid invoices. Not only does this free up extra cash, but there are numerous other benefits to financing receivables:

  • Lightning fast capital—often in 24 hours
  • No fixed payments
  • Credit insurance offered
  • Avoid arbitrary loan boards and never-ending bank paperwork
  • All credit ratings considered—your customers’ credit is what matters
  • Zero liability if your customer fails to pay

Flexible Freedom With 1st American Commercial Lending

With A/R financing, you can stop worrying about collecting your payments and get back to the business of growing your company—whether that entails taking on a large new account, expanding, purchasing discounted inventory, or funding payroll during slow months. Contact 1st American today to get started.

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