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Equipment Leasing

Options for Leasing or Financing Your Equipment

At 1st American Commercial Lending, our team of certified experts is always looking for new ways to help business owners make the most of their financial resources. When it comes to acquiring business equipment, we have developed several unique programs to help you with obtaining what you need, regardless of credit rating, at a more manageable cost.

Why Lease Your Equipment?

Many of us are taught to believe that ownership is always a more stable and fiscally responsible choice than leasing, but when it comes to your company equipment, this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, the vast majority of American businesses lease all or at least a portion of their equipment. Here are a few of the many benefits to equipment leasing:

  • Substantial accounting perks; no confusing depreciation schedules to have to deal with when you file your taxes
  • No more worrying about purchasing equipment that may become obsolete
  • Preserve lines of credit for other business needs or emergencies

Equipment for Startups

Have a fantastic business idea, but lack the resources necessary to purchase the equipment you require to get it going? If you have just started your company recently, or your existing company has only been around for a couple of years, 1st American has a program specifically designed for you.

Municipal and Government Leasing

1st American is able to provide equipment financing to nearly any government agency or municipality. Here are some examples of the types of groups we can work with:

  • State and federal agencies
  • Public schools
  • Police and fire
  • Libraries
  • Military

Sales & Leasebacks

With 1st American’s unique leaseback program, you can access the equity in the equipment you already own. We will purchase your equipment from you and then lease it back to you over time while you make payments. Once repayment is complete, ownership is transferred back to you.

Let’s Get Started

Ready for new equipment? Want cash from existing equipment? Give 1st American Commercial Lending a call to learn more!

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