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Purchase Order and Trade Finance

Purchase Order Finance Professionals

When you need purchase order financing for domestic, export or import pre-sold merchandise production, you can get the assistance that you need from 1st American Commercial Lending. If you have been in the business industry for a while, then you are probably already aware that obtaining pre-sold merchandise can be one of a business’s biggest challenges. With us on your side, that challenge becomes one that you can easily overcome.

Our Many Areas of Expertise 

1st American Commercial Lending has the resources necessary for production finance for business in process as well as Letters of Credit for domestic trade purchase, export and import transactions as well as a variety of other areas for trade finance.

We specialize in assisting wholesalers, resellers and distributors of manufactured products. You don’t even have to be a well-established business. We will be more than happy to work with newly opened businesses and those that don’t have very good profits. We are committed to doing all that we can to help you and your business to grow as much as possible.

Advantages of 1st American Commercial Lending Financing 

There are several benefits to choosing 1st American Commercial Lending for your business financing needs. Specifically for purchase orders we:

  • Give businesses the ability to thrive and flourish without the burden of mounting bank debt or having to sell equity
  • Improve market share
  • Make sure deliveries are made in a timely matter to out customers
  • Help companies to improve their profits through larger orders

For more information about business financing for purchase ordering, contact us today.

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